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A grass dryer is required to turn certain crops, such as alfalfa grass, into useable bales or pellets of animal feed. At Dutch Dryers BV, we are very experienced in designing and supplying suitable drying systems for business of all sizes anywhere in the world. Whether you require a small dryer for your small-scale harvest or a dryer with a large capacity for your large-scale agricultural organisation, we are happy to oblige.

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Process your grass into animal feed with an advanced dryer system

The drying of grass such as alfalfa – otherwise known as Lucerne – takes place in a drum dryer where the material is exposed to a flow of hot air as it is fed through a rotating drum. The capacity of the drum – though dependent on your production capacity – can vary between 500 to 50,000 litres of water evaporation per hour. At Dutch Dryers BV, we can design a grass dryer which achieves excellent drying of the grass’ long fibres with varying moisture contents. After processing in the dryer, we ensure the grass can easily be transported to the next stage. The entire operation can occur unmanned, as our advanced drying systems are fully automated and can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Spar with us about the possibilities

Tell us your ideas and requirements regarding the configuration and capabilities for your grass dryer. We are happy to spar with you in order to design a fully bespoke drying systems for your business. Upon request, we are more than happy to draw up a business case and quotation. Contact us today via phone at +31 (0) 343 44 99 66 or use the contact form.

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