Specialist in thermal drying systems

Organic waste flows are a source of energy and nutrition. But how can you utilise this source? How do you change material containing a high moisture level into a useable dry product? Dutch Dryers, with its custom-made thermal drying systems, has the answer. We develop and build drum dryers and belt dryers for clients throughout the world - drying systems with a capacity of between 500 and 50,000 litres of water evaporation per hour. Thanks to an optimum drying process grass, for example, is converted into a nutritious feed nut, wood fibre into pellets, water treatment sludge into bio-granulate or straw into building materials.

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Our solutions

How do you transform moist waste flows into dry materials? The thermal drying systems from Dutch Dryers are an effective solution.

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We design in 3D

All our drawings are made in 3D to give you a better idea of how it will look. 


The processing of sewage sludge

The processing of sewage sludge


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Different purposes

The Dutch Dryers thermal drying systems are used in a wide range of sectors. The drying of organic materials has a surprising effect.

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International clients

In recent years we have built a wide range of drum and belt dryers for clients throughout the world.

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Our dryers can dry..

Production of dried wood chips

Production of dried wood chips


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Custom build

Every item that we made it custom build for your problem.


Breman Machinery

Breman Machinery specialises in the production of large-scale and high-tolerance structures and systems.

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