Advanced drying systems

Dutch Dryers BV specialises in designing and manufacturing advanced and bespoke industrial drying systems for a wide range of applications. What started out in 2007 as a company that only made drum dryers, has now expanded to producing belt dryers as well. Our company manufactures and develops our advanced industrial drying systems in Zeist, which is located in the centre of the Netherlands. Though we are located in the Netherlands, we have clients from all over the world.

How do our advanced industrial drying systems work?

We offer our solutions to businesses and farmers all over the globe and combine expertise on both belt dryers and drum dryers to offer the best solution for their purposes. Thanks to an optimised drying process, materials such as grass are converted into nutritious feed pellets, or wood fibre can be made into pellets, sewage sludge into bio-granulate or straw into building materials. Our machinery is guaranteed to deliver the required drying result as well as consistent quality and effective energy management. Read more about our advanced industrial drying systems and solutions and check out the case studies on our website to discover more about the possibilities we offer.

Discover the possibilities

The advanced industrial dryings systems from Dutch Dryers are used in a wide variety of sectors. It has become clear that drying organic materials can result in a surprising effect. Even materials that are apparently low in value, become reusable commercial products after drying. Are you interested in our advanced industrial dryings systems? Find out more about our company and contact us to request a quote.

Our solutions

How do you transform moist waste flows into dry materials? The thermal drying systems from Dutch Dryers are an effective solution.

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We design in 3D

All our drawings are made in 3D to give you a better idea of how it will look. 


Alfalfa Dryer

Alfalfa Dryer


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Different purposes

The Dutch Dryers thermal drying systems are used in a wide range of sectors. The drying of organic materials has a surprising effect.

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International clients

In recent years we have built a wide range of drum and belt dryers for clients throughout the world.

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Our dryers can dry..


Dust emission reduction

Dust emission reduction

Spain, Germany, Switzerland

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We have agents across the worldd


Custom build

Every item that we made it custom build for your problem.

Breman Machinery

Breman Machinery specialises in the production of large-scale and high-tolerance structures and systems.

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