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Rely on Dutch Dryers BV when you are looking for a custom-built RDF or MSW dryer for your business or organisation. We have more than ten years of expertise in building advanced drying systems for an extensive number of industries and applications. We have not only built belt dryers for drying woodchips or alfalfa grass, but have also gained experience in manufacturing bespoke belt dryers that meet the requirements of our customers.

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Turn waste into fuel with an RDF dryer

With an RDF dryer, large volumes of mixed waste streams can be dried and turned into a suitable raw material for the production of energy. The drying process is vital, as high moisture contents in the waste would otherwise negatively impact the efficiency of the power plant, as well as reduce its capacity. Dutch Dryers BV can build a bespoke RDF dryer for the drying of municipal solid waste (MSW) as well as paper rejects, as we have done previously for a customer in Germany. When designing a suitable RDF dryer, we naturally take into account the additional safety needs, as well as odour management and removal.

What configuration do you require?

What requirements does your organisation have for a RFD dryer? Our experts are more than happy to draw up a business case to investigate the most suitable configuration for your business. Contact us today and let us know your ideas and requirements or request a quote. You can phone us at +31 (0) 343 44 99 66  or fill in the contact form. We can also deliver other advanced drying systems, such as biomass dryers.

High efficiency multi cyclones for Grass dryer

High efficiency multi cyclones for Grass dryer


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