Sewage sludge drying

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Building advanced and bespoke systems for sewage sludge drying is one of several fields of expertise that the manufacturers of our company operate in. At Dutch Dryers BV, we supply businesses around the world with custom-made belt and drum dryers that match their applications and requirements. Our company, located in the Netherlands, has over ten years of experience in this field of work, so our enthusiastic employees are capable of providing you with educated advise for your specific situation. Read on to discover the possibilities for sewage drying systems we can offer your organisation or business.

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Bespoke sewage sludge drying systems

Sewage sludge, the product of waste water treatment, can be reused after further treatment, such as drying. Drying, however, is challenging thanks to the high moisture content of sludge. Depending on the quality, said sludge can be used as an energy source, as fertilizer or sent to a landfill for disposal. How much drying is required, depends on the sludge’s intended use. At Dutch Dryers BV, our manufacturers can build a custom sludge dryer that matches your drying requirements and capacity. In this way, we ensure you can produce an end product with the desired moisture content and quality. We will guide you throughout the entire process, from orientation to commission and beyond, as we also undertake maintenance and service for all our drying systems, such as grass dryers and biomass dryers. Are you interested in one of our dryers for sewage sludge drying? Acquire more information by talking to one of our employees or manufacturers and discover the possibilities for you!

Discover our three-step drying systems

Our manufacturers design our sewage sludge drying systems to process the sludge in three steps. First, the sludge is mixed, after which the drying takes places, followed by sieving to create a Class A Bio-granulate. Are you curious to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us and request a business case or quote. To reach us, you can call to +31 (0) 343 44 99 66 or fill out our online contact form. We are more than happy to help you. Enjoy the advantage of having a custom-made dryer from our experienced manufacturers and turn unusable sludge into usable energy!

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