Belt dryer

With a bespoke belt dryer, designed and produced by the experienced manufacturers at Dutch Dryers BV, you will achieve optimum drying results using low value and/or residual heat. The development and manufacturing process of belt drying systems – like that of drum dryers – is undertaken entirely in-house by our experienced manufacturers, to ensure optimal quality and quick delivery.

Achieve a good drying result with a belt dryer from our manufacturers

A belt drying system is the ideal solution if, for example, you wish to use process heat in order to dry matter with a high moisture level, for instance wood chips, and turn it into a useable dry product. With these types of belt drying systems, a flow of hot air with a temperature of 50 °C is already sufficient to achieve a good drying result. It works by transporting the material to be dried, such as sawdust, on a moving conveyor belt, with hot air being sucked through the material in order to dry it. In practice, a belt dryer is an especially sustainable solution when the required drying capacity is minimal. Do you have any questions or remarks about our belt drying systems? Our enthusiastic employees and manufacturers are more than happy to tell you more about every kind of belt dryer.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities

Dutch Dryers BV would be pleased to work out a business case for our belt drying systems for you. Because our manufacturers build both drum and belt dryers, we are able to help you make a proper assessment. We can also provide you with a combination of belt drying system and drum dryer. So, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities and your requirements. Call us at +31 (0) 343 44 99 66 for more information or request a quote. Don’t wait any longer and ensure yourself of a high quality belt dryer from our experienced manufacturers.

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