Alfalfa dryers

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Make the drying of your business’s alfalfa more efficient by using dryers designed and produced by the manufacturers at Dutch Dryers BV. We offer you our many years of experience in the field of designing advanced drying systems for a wide variety of applications. Customers around the world  enjoy our expertise and excellent workmanship to turn raw materials into usable, dried goods. If you need help drying the alfalfa of your company, the dryers from our manufactures are the perfect option.

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Bespoke alfalfa drum dryers for your crops

Alfalfa drum dryers are vital systems to turn this forage crop into nutritious and high-protein dry feed for farm animals. At Dutch Dryers BV, we can design bespoke alfalfa dryers according to your every requirement and need, with a capacity that matches your production. As such, we build drum dryers that make the entire production process more efficient and which achieve excellent drying of long fibres of varying lengths. Moreover, by choosing dryers built by our expert engineers, you can rest assured that the alfalfa will indeed retain its rich nutritional value. When designing dryers for alfalfa grass, we appreciate that you may need to turn the grass into either pellets or bales. As such, our manufacturers can design a drum dryer capable of both, as well as making it easy to transport the resulting alfalfa product to the next processing stage.

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Discover more about the possibilities of a quality alfalfa dryer for your business by reading our previous cases or contacting our manufacturers. We are happy to draw up a business case for you and to research what type of dryer would best suit your requirements. Contact us today for more information at +31 (0) 343 44 99 66 or request a quote immediately. Ensure yourself of a high quality alfalfa dryer from experienced manufacturers.

The processing of alfalfa into pellets or bales

The processing of alfalfa into pellets or bales


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